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A Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Pet

A Complete Guide to Traveling With Your Pet

Planning a trip can be tough, let alone planning a trip with your pet. Most pet owners choose to leave their companions at home when they travel, simply because it’s stressful to take them along for the ride. But, your pet can join you on your journey! We’ve created the ultimate guide to help you prepare to travel with your pet, that guarantees a smooth journey and fun trip for both you and your furry companion.

Pre-Travel Prep

Planning for your journey will truly help you and your pet. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and be able to expect the unexpected! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Visit Your Vet for a Check-Up

Book a quick check-up for your pet and consult your vet on any vaccinations or documentation required to travel. If traveling makes your pet especially anxious, ask your vet for options on how to reduce their stress. 

Look for Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Make sure to do your research before impulsively booking that beautiful 5-star resort with an all-inclusive package! Most hotels and resorts include their pet policy on their website. You can also find out on Airbnb if the accommodation you want to book allows pets. If you’re renting an apartment, contact the owner for details!

Purchase the Right Carrier for your Pet

Just as you take the time to choose comfortable clothes, bring items for entertainment, and invest in an airline pillow, choosing the right carrier can really turn a difficult travel journey into a more relaxed one for your pet. Looking for recommendations? Our expandable and spacious Flex Carriers come highly recommended from our customers and their companions. Our carrier is collapsible for easy storage, ensures great air circulation, and provides sturdy support for your pet. Check it out here!

Boarding Time!

On the day of your trip, make sure to remember any last-minute arrangements that’ll make your journey easier for you and your pet!

Allow Your Pet to Stretch Their Legs 

Take your pet on a walk before your journey begins, and make sure they get a bathroom break. They’ll be able to stretch their legs, smell the fresh air and get accustomed to their surroundings. It’s also a great way to tire them out before the trip!

Be Cautious with Hydrating and Feeding your Pet

Keep in mind not to feed your pet heavy meals or a lot of water before traveling! The journey can be tough, so make sure to feed your pet a small meal at least three hours before your trip begins. If you’re flying, make sure you keep your pet hydrated but don’t overdo it. Cabin air can be especially dry, so incremental sips of water will combat dehydration and soothe your pet’s stomach.

Layovers = Bathroom Breaks

If you’re flying, layovers are ideal for bathroom breaks for your pet. We conveniently offer collapsible portable cat litter boxes for when mother nature calls, however! Check them out here.

Enjoying your Stay

Once you’ve gotten through the journey (whew!), here are a few tips to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your stay.

Prepare Your Room

Pee pads are perfect for any accidents that can occur, so make sure to lay out a few around your place of residence. Also, if your hotel or apartment is strict about not allowing pets on furniture, place towels over the furniture just in case. Sometimes a change of environment can actually cause insomnia or even impact your pet’s appetite, so make sure you consider their comfort on all levels. Pets often feel safe in enclosed spaces, so check out our Easy Hut collapsible house!


Research Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Areas Around You

A quick tip is to look for restaurants with patios if you’re traveling in the summer. Also, consider doing some research on public beaches, parks, and trails in your area. Thinking of getting some shopping done? Remember to check if there are malls that are pet-friendly.

Now that you’ve got the full guide, you can relax and enjoy your trip with your favourite companion! Make sure to check out our products and FAQ page before you go! If you’ve got any questions, we are always happy to chat.