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Traveling Safely with your Pets: How Pet Peppy Can Help

Traveling Safely with your Pets: How Pet Peppy Can Help

We’re a family owned business with a love for pets. Our mission is simple; create products that protect your pets while providing a safe and comfortable space for them. Traveling can be a tough and scary experience for animals, which can be distressing for the pet owner as well. Planning a trip is difficult enough, so we make it easier for you by ensuring that your pet is safe and comfortable while you travel. No need to go looking for a pet sitter! We provide safe and reliable products so that you never have to leave your companion behind.

How Pet Peppy can Help you Travel

Our products are created to be the ultimate safe haven for your pet on your travels. We provide products that are there to keep your pet comfortable from the start of your trip, to the end. We ensure comfort continues beyond the plane. How?

Our Carriers

We care about your pet’s travel experience. Traveling can be a long and tough journey, and flimsy carriers only worsen your pet’s travel anxiety. Our pet carriers help to ensure that your pet remains calm and secure throughout the ride, due to their stable design! Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or car, the right carrier can truly impact your pet’s overall experience. In addition, our carriers are spacious and sturdy enough to support your pet’s weight without compromising their comfort. They are even large enough to include a mat, toys, and whatever else your furry companion may need.

Pets Need Their Space

Tired of carrier bags that are suffocatingly small for your pets? Just like us, our pets value their space. That’s why our carriers can expand when your pet needs the room. We’ve also added an expandable tunnel at the front to allow them to explore and play when needed!

We Make it Travel-Friendly for Pet Owners Too!

We haven’t forgotten about you! Most carrier brands don’t take the consumer into consideration, but we do. Our carriers come with a comfortable shoulder strap with padding as well as a strap at the back, so you can secure your carrier onto your rolling luggage. We’ve also conveniently included nifty pockets to store toys and treats.

Did We Mention That We’re Airline Approved?

Most carriers are tricky to store on a plane, creating unnecessary hassle and stress for both yourself and your pet. With our carriers, there’s no need to worry about ensuring that it is the correct size based on requirements set forth by the airline. Our carriers are designed to fit under the front cabin of major airlines, but we do recommend that you review your airline’s regulations before traveling just in case!

Our Portable Litter Boxes

Our products ensure your pet is comfortable throughout the entire trip, not just for the plane or train ride there. We offer portable litter boxes for when nature is calling. There’s no need to pack a bulky litter box that takes up extra space. Our litter boxes are collapsible and spacious enough for your pet’s comfort.

We Guarantee Odour Control

When it comes to litter boxes, we know that things can get messy… Our boxes come with a zipper closure to avoid spilling. It also helps to keep unpleasant odours contained. Worried about cleaning? Our waterproof nylon lining allows you to easily wipe and clean the box when needed, with zero hassle.

As Travel-Friendly as Can Be

No one wants to spend their vacation building a litter box. Our litter carriers are easy to unpack, are hassle-free, and do not require any assembly. They’re also collapsible and easy to store, making them easy to transport.

Our Mini Homes

New environments can be stressful for your pets, but enclosed spaces can help reduce their anxiety. We provide your pets with a home away from home. All you need to do is fold up the water-resistant walls, zip on the roof, and you’re good to go!

We Make Sure your Pets are Warm


Our portable mini homes are designed with a self-heating mat for those cold nights. No need to hike up the heater, we’ve got that covered. The mats keep your pet cozy while also reflecting their natural body heat. Our mini home is also made from 600 denier nylon canvas, which is insulated and waterproof.

At Pet Peppy, we care about you and your pets. Our products are created to make your traveling experiences even more enjoyable. Have questions? We’ve got answers! Contact us or visit our FAQ page for more!