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Imagine a travel experience that is care-free.

A journey that is truly relaxed and not stressed, where your beloved pet is safe, comfortable and cared for right beside you - despite being 40,000 feet up in the air!

At Pet Peppy we care about pet owners and understand the struggles of multi-tasking or juggling your travel plans while trying to ensure your pet is taken care of without risks or hassles.

We are a truly family owned company that are pet owners ourselves. We believe the one of the most beautiful and ‘humane’ things in life is being able to care, cherish and respect animals. In a world where animal rights are easily overlooked, our passion is ingrained in the vision that all animals are worthy of love, particularly your pet. Whether you have dog or puppies, cats or kittens, your furry little creature deserves shelter, compassion and genuine devotion - anywhere and anytime! So why should those morals, values and ethics be compromised when traveling?

These fundamentals are the very pillars behind the founding of Pet Peppy. We strive everyday to ensure that our enduring philosophy is not merely conveyed through our passion but also through our unique Airline Approved Pet Carrier.

Pet Peppy's Promise

  • We affirm the flawless grade and top quality materials used to make this product as a genuine work of art!
  • We place strong emphasis on ensuring that industry standards are exceeded with an unflinching and consistent dynamic customer care focus
  • Pet Peppy prides itself in offering this exclusive product for all your pet travel and carrier needs

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