Pet Peppy Flex Carrier

Pet Peppy Flex Carrier

Pet Peppy Flex Carrier

We offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Pet Peppy's Flex Carriers are built to last and come with one year money-back guarantee. 

Our bestselling carrier expands and contracts for you and your pet’s ultimate comfort.

We listened to pet owners and created the ultimate carrier designed to make traveling with your pets more enjoyable than ever for both you and your pet.

Join more than 1,100 happy customers that gave our carriers five-star reviews.


Dual-side expansion: Both sidewalls expand into a roomy extension, giving your pet room to turn around, sprawl out, and even invite friends over. The mesh lining also gives them a chance to see your face, keeping them calm and happy. This is especially helpful for older pets and pets with joint problems.

Breathable: Mesh sides maintain continuous air circulation, which keeps your pet from overheating and provides constant fresh air.

Airline Approved: Designed to fit under the front cabin seat in major airline carriers (please check your airline rules and regulations before flying). The adjustable shoulder strap and handle allows you to secure the carrier to your suitcase for easy mobility while traveling. The expandable space allows your pet to lay down and relax during the car ride and under the airplane seat.

User-driven Design: Wire frame in both sides add protection to support the carrier and keep it in shape. Two zipper flaps allow easy access and side-pockets are added for extra storage.

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Flex & Roll Carrier: The Flex and Roll carrier is Pet Peppy’s answer to pet owners looking to add even more comfort to their travels with their furry friends. 

The Flex and Roll carrier is equipped with wheels and an expandable handle to ease the weight off your shoulders. The Flex and Roll Carrier brings you all the features you love in Pet Peppy Flex Carriers with an added rolling functionality.

Flex Plus Carrier: The Flex Plus Carrier comes with even more expandable space than our standard flex carriers. We have added a tunnel that your pet can crawl in and out of for more moving space and more fun! 

The Flex Plus Carrier has all the features you love in our bestselling Flex Carriers, plus the newly added tunnel.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Pet Peppy's Flex Carrier is built to last and comes with an unbeatable 1 year money-back guarantee. 

Max. Pet Weight: 14 pounds

Dimensions (Standard Flex Carrier): 18”x11”x11”

w/ Extensions: 31”x18”x11”